Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Facebook Fan Page

I just put together a Facebook fan page for Author Neil D. Ostroff.

I sent out a bunch of notices through social marketing and guess what? I already have almost 2,000 likes. The internet is just amazing! Anyway, I’ve got everything in place for my winter marketing blitz. I’ve got programmers and search engine specialist listing my book sites, I’ve got a an internet book publicist, and I’ve got ads and interviews galore in January and February. The only thing I don’t have right now is a professional website. Neilostroff.com still exists, but it is outdated and useless to me. I’ve been directing traffic to this blog and my Author’s Den site, but I know that looks unprofessional. I tried building a site on Godaddy, but found the applications complicated and haven’t set one up yet. I don’t understand how I can set up all these sub-websites like Author’s Den and Goodreads, but I’m having so much trouble with Godaddy?

As far as my experimental marketing efforts scored; the writing article did nothing to boost traffic. The Goodreads ads are generating some clicks and traffic, but not many sales; though the campaign is still in its infancy. Everything else I’ve done takes time for the search engines to get my sites into their systems. There should be a slow but steady increase in traffic over time, hopefully bringing in more sales.

Please visit and “like” my new Facebook fan page. Thanks.