Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Excited to wake!!

As some of you may have noticed the counter for my blog has exploded. For the last week, I’ve been averaging about 600 hits a day and it’s going up. Yesterday, I got 1,700. It seams the search engine optimization is kicking in after all, and it will only get better over time. It’s a bit overwhelming to think that so many people are reading my posts and checking out the kinds of books I write. Every morning I jump from bed, come down to my office, and check my stats on my various sites. It’s all very exciting, but… truth be told, sales are not nearly increasing like my traffic. They have gone up a little, but not in comparison to the amount of traffic my blog and other sites are suddenly getting. I guess when you optimize you’re getting everyone in the world to take a look at you; readers, non-readers, people who don’t know how to read. Very few will actually make a purchase. I’m assuming as the months roll by that the number of people visiting my sites will be so large that even if just a very small percentage buy a book, and an even smaller percentage write a review or tell their friends, I’ll still be in business doing what I love. My advice to novelists is to get your books search optimized, and then throw a few cheap blog ads out there, along with getting on some book forums and commenting. If you’ve followed this blog you know what I’ve done to start getting these kinds of numbers. Please feel free to check my blog hits daily and keep track of what’s happening. And hopefully these will translate into sales.
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