Saturday, January 7, 2012

Impatient patience pays

Okay, I finally got the dates for my Kindle Nation blitz and it’s not for several weeks. They got me in the first spots available so you can see how coveted the campaign is. I have two campaigns going: a daily sponsorship that will feature my book on the front page and heavily throughout the site for one day, and a package called an ebook of the day sponsorship. The latter will blast my book to hundreds of thousands of Kindle readers for 30 hours. The daily deal sponsorship was $59.99 and the ebook of the day was $159.99. Pricey, I know. But if it hits it’ll all be worth it. So, that’s it. I’m all set for the coming two months with big campaigns. I decided to focus on just one book for the entire paid campaigns. That book being AFTER. I feel it is the best for new YA kindle owners. It has also been through some top publishers in NY (via my former agent) and gotten great feedback. It has since been rewritten with all the feedback in mind and I’ve gotten great reviews. Sales for AFTER have been improving slightly but nowhere in relation to the massive amount of traffic this blog and my site at Authors Den are now getting. My other books sales remain about the same. There are spikes when I sell a lot of different titles and long lulls where I only sell one or two. We’ll see what happens now that all my ducks are in a row. Here is my upcoming promotions schedule for the next two months. This is besides the daily two to three hours I put aside for commenting on forums and basic promotion on sites. Oh, and I also like to write novels when I have time. One other thing, my last post I gave a wrong web address. The blogging site is: Check it out it’s worth it. Here’s my schedule:

Featured author on Substance Books book publicist site…… Feb. 4th

Kindle Nation Daily daily sponsorship……..Feb. 16th

Interview on Celebrating Authors blog………Feb. 26th

--and the big one: Kindle Nation Daily ebook of the day sponsorship……March 22-23