Monday, May 21, 2012

Anything can happen

When it comes to indie publishing on Kindle I’ve learned to expect the unexpected when sales are involved. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to why books sell on some days and don’t on others. The key is to market and promote on a regular basis. That said, I’ve been feeling frustrated with my sales lately, having set sales goals that far exceed what my actual sales are this month. I set these goals several months ago when it was colder and my books were selling, and it seemed like my writing career was well on its way. But then something happened and sales remained stagnant and then actually started to fall. I went into a kind of panic (I’m sure all writers are familiar with this) that no one would ever read my books again and that I would never have another sale. Feeling a bit like a failure, I decided to give SILENT INVASION a free three-day promo this past weekend. I didn’t really hype it all that much as truth be told, I didn’t really have time. The promo went well and I gave away about four hundred books in three countries. That made me feel pretty good that I got a new group of readers, but what made me feel even better was that when I checked sales this morning I saw that INSECTLAND was way up. INSECTLAND is the second book in the three book series. DREAM TRAVELER is the third. I’m assuming my sales of INSECTLAND are directly related to the free promotion. If that’s the case, I should see sales of DREAM TRAVELER rise over the next few weeks. Also, I’m now in the process of getting FROSTPROOF on all my sites and then will begin a marketing and sponsorship campaign for that one. Iuniverse gave me back all rights to the electronic versions of my books so PULP is my next novel to go live worldwide. I’ll probably have that one ready to go by end of June. I do have a sponsorship for DEGENERATES coming up on May 27th on Kindle Nation Daily. My last sponsorship on that site was for DROP OUT and it ended up selling a lot of copies. My fingers are crossed for DEGENERATES because it will open up my YA readers to my adult noir thrillers and once readers get a taste of them anything can happen.