Sunday, May 27, 2012

Writing vs. Working vs. Reality

As summer approaches and the breezes grow warmer, I find myself more immerse in the reality of life than the fantasy world I create while sitting at my desk. The job that pays my bills gets busier this time of year and I find myself with less and less hours to write, and a miniscule amount of time to market and promote my books. Thus, the dismal May sales. We are an impulse society and without a constant web presence, you’re quickly lost in the ocean of advertisers. Though collectively my books sold pretty well, I feel I could have had a lot more success if only I had more time. As I wrote in DROP OUT, ‘time is the most precious thing.’ Individually, my books had pretty wide spread sales. Some like DEGENERATES and DROP OUT did fairly well, while AFTER didn’t fair well at all. Looking at sales over a long term, as I am beginning to be able to do, I can now concentrate on more promotion of books with less sales, and rely on less promotion for the high sales. Hopefully, this will increase all sales overall, if that makes any sense. I do have a promotion going on right now which I am about to market throughout my sites. Today, I am Kindle Nation Daily’s sponsor. I chose DEGENERATES for this promotion because of the genre switch from my last promotion which was DROP OUT. Here’s the link please check it out.
If I’m lucky, this promotion will help hit the sales figures I need to maintain my three-year plan to live solely off royalties from my books. And in the new book department, I’m still writing IMAGINATION (about 500 words a day) but it’s nowhere near where I wanted it to be at this point. Chalk that one up to the busier paycheck workweek. I’ll report on the success or failure of this latest sponsorship in a later post. So far, sales have only increased slightly but an email from KND this morning said I probably wouldn’t see results until later this afternoon when they blast it out to their Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. Guess we will see.