Thursday, May 17, 2012

The chill is live!

Get ready to meet one of the world’s creepiest serial killers. That’s right! FROSTPROOF is now live on Kindle and available world-wide.
As always, with the release of a new book come all the back-breaking, sore-eyes, aching-fingers, promotion and marketing that comes along with it. Here’s my new book marketing plan in detail. First, I’ll place FROSTPROOF on the twenty-seven writer’s sites that I belong. Next, I’ll go on all the writer’s forums and announce the book. I’ll encourage people to ‘like’ the FROSTPROOF webpage and to tag the book on AMAZON. This should help increase exposure both through social networking and search engine optimization. Next, I’ll book a few sponsorships on Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Boards. I’ll also tweet on Twitter and announce the book on Facebook, and then set all the links to buy it. Whew! FROSTPROOF was the first of my serial killer books to come out in hardback and I’m very excited to see what the new Kindle version will do in sales. The hard copy did pretty well and I got some great reviews. As far as my other books, sales have dropped significantly since last month, though I am still selling better than most people according to what I’ve been reading on forums. I’m hoping it’s because it’s May and that’s when everyone finishes school or graduates. I also think it’s may be that I’ve been a bit lazy in my marketing efforts lately. I’ve still working on my latest novel, IMAGINATION for two hours every morning, but it’s been hard to sit and market in the afternoon when the sun is pouring golden light across the emerald lawn of my back yard while the birds call for me to come out and play. I’m hoping the release of FROSTPROOF will kick me back into high gear promotion. I’ve got a long way to meeting my sales goals this month and it’s a bit disappointing.

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