Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What works

The Kindle Daily Nation sponsorship for DEGENERATES yielded okay results. I was hoping for a few more sales than I actually made, but at least the exposure was good. It caused several dozen more hits on my blog than usual and I have now surpassed the 170,000 hit mark. That’s a lot of hits, but even with that I didn’t reach my total sales goals for the month. Though I did have enough that I’m pretty satisfied a momentum will build over time. I’ve also discovered that posting on Amazon.com meet our authors forum and KDP boards actually do get results. I stopped posting for a few days because of real-life work related issues and then started posting again the other day. I did see sales increase after posting. Keep in mind, I don’t recommend self-promoting as a topic of discussion because you can get some pretty mean replies. But there are many topics set up for authors to self-promote without fear of repercussion. I blast out a different book each day and then monitor to see if the sales have increased more for that book. I also keep track of what sites to promote on and then alternate so I can see which sites get results. I have seen pretty good sales from this technique, almost as good as paying for sponsorship. As I continue to promote (which is easy when we’re sweltering on the east coast), I’m also getting ready to publish PULP in ereader form. Unlike my other novels published through iuniverse, PULP was never in electronic format. It should be interesting to see how that one sells. I’m excited to see the cover. As always, I recommend Judy Bullard. She’s done all of mine.

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