Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don’t get discouraged

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on KND and KDP about how July sales have started out slowly. It’s not surprising considering the Fourth of July holiday. As I said in my last post, I made the biggest mistake of all by booking a sponsorship during this week. People are out having fun and spending time looking to buy ebooks takes away from some of that fun. Although I’ve sold a bunch of books already this month, I’m not going to base my monthly average on this week’s sales. Otherwise, I might get discouraged. In my never ending quest to sell more books I’ve decided to start concentrating on selling to Nook. Nook is lowering their price and has great features like backlighting for night reading. I’ve joined the Nook Boards (which allows you to promote your books on their author’s forum) and already have all eight of my books in the Smashwords premium catalog. Smashwords offers a much higher royalty than Kindle, and for each $1.99 book I sell I get to keep $1.40 compared to about sixty cents from Kindle. As most authors know, Smashwords also makes your book available to all other ereader devices except for Kindle, though I’ve heard a merger just may be in the works. I’ve got my books up on Smashwords and in the Nook store, but until recently I paid little attention to marketing for those devices. Until I saw that Smashwords has paid out more than ten million in royalties this past year. I want a piece of that. I have sold a few dozens copies to Nook and Kobo and have seen the royalty deposited right into my bank account so I know the machine is primed for selling. If I do this right, and join the correct forums and websites for Nook readers, I should double my sales within a few months. Nook or Kindle, it doesn’t matter to me which ereader is better and I have no loyalties to one or the other. I just want everyone in the world to read my books.