Monday, July 30, 2012


The free promotion for DEGENERATES has ended and here are the results. Copies given away to U.S. and Canadian customers is 1,678. Copies given away to U.K. Kindle owners is: 586. Copies given away to all other countries that can purchase from Amazon: 48. Of my other seven books that are for sale right now, during the four day free promotion period I saw sales increase by an average of thirty-five percent. All in all, I’d say it was a successful promotion. Between that promotion and the promotion for AFTER done at the beginning of the month, I gave away nearly four thousand copies of those two books. Though my paid sales for this month are lower than last month, I anticipate a pretty big increase if just a small percentage of my free promotion books draw in new readers. As far as my latest novel IMAGINATION goes, I’m at the one stage in finishing a novel that I hate most; copying my handwritten notes and corrections from the hard paper copy onto the computer file. I find this to be a detestable task that saps my energy and burns my eyes. If only I could pay someone who could recognize my scratch. On the bright side, this stage of my novel writing process indicates that the newest masterpiece is nearly finished. I do believe I will make my deadline of an early fall completion.