Friday, July 27, 2012


I’m in the midst of another free giveaway promotion, this time it’s for DEGENERATES. This is the first time I’ve given away one of my thrillers and you know what? It’s flying off the shelves. It’s only the second day and the promotion goes until Sunday and I’ve already given away almost a thousand books. I’m happy to do it too, because I have two other thrillers FROSTPROOF and PULP that are written in the same style and have that same eerie, creepy, Stephen King-don’t-know-what-freaky-thing-is-going-to-happen-next feel. If any of the thousand-so-far readers who have downloaded the book like it, you’ll love my others. As I’ve said in the past, the free promo has been one of the best ways for me to have gotten my books out there. I almost always get a bump in sales of my other books when I do one. But sadly, as I’ve posted, I am taking all of my books off the KDP Select program. Being exclusive to Amazon is great and the perks are great, but I really think millions of readers buying Nooks and other ereader devices are too valuable to dismiss. So far Smashwords distribution to these outlets has yielded me about ten percent of my total royalties this year, but I hope to increase that through a heavy marketing campaign I’m planning in early to late fall when IMAGINATION is complete and published. Until then, get your free copy of DEGENERATES while you can, for soon I will have no more free giveaways. Enjoy the suspense.


  1. LOL on the first line of your blog post: "I’m in the midst of another free giveaway promotion, this time it’s for DEGENERATES." At first I thought you were calling me a name. I will pick up the book, though :)

  2. Looks like I missed the giveaway, but I think I'll still definitley keep this book in mind, it looks scary good!