Monday, September 10, 2012

Winter book writing

In my neck of the woods fall is just around the corner. That means crisp air, changing leaves, the first milky frost. Those of you who read my blog know that I’m a warm weather kind of a guy, but there definitely is an advantage to the coming winter weather. It gives me a chance to hole up inside my office and write freely without feeling the guilt of wasting a beautiful summer day inside. I don’t mind spending hours in front of the computer when the temperature outside is ten degrees. I get inspired by snowstorms and the feeling that the world is a closed room and in hibernation. What I don’t like about the cold is breaking away from the warmth and security of my house and venturing into the winter world of icy roads, scraping windshields, and crazy drivers who think an inch of snow means having to drive twenty-five miles per hour on the cleared and salted highway. I’m excited for the colder weather because right now I’m at the most fun point of finishing IMAGINATION. The scenes are placed, the characters fleshed-out, and the plot is strong and engaging. I’m just reading it over and over, editing, and filling in gaps of information where I think there needs to be more explanation. With the colder weather approaching, this delightful task is made even easier without the temptations of a beautiful day. It also allows more time for marketing and promoting. And speaking of the latter, a wonderful woman named Kim Hope Smith who I met through Linked in, showed me a way to increase traffic to my sites through specialized keywords. If you’re a writer this is some valuable info.

Go to the tools and analysis tab at the top

Go to keyword tool

Under find keywords there will be three entry boxes; word or phrase, website, category.

Input the words you’d like to use and see how many times it was searched on the web. You want to choose words with a low competition rate but a high search history, preferably over 500,000. You should update keywords every week to increase traffic and even title your blog posts and promo with these keywords. I will be updating mine today and will keep a close eye on sales and traffic to my sites. I’ll report my findings in a few weeks. Hope this helps.