Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another shot at going viral

I've just been notified that DROP OUT will be featured in Ereader News Today as a bargain book. I put DROP OUT on sale for just $0.99 until Thursday night at 9 P.M. Now's your chance to read the book Kindle Nation Daily called "the sleeper hit of the year" for a great price. Tell all your friends.

I'm very curious what kinds of sales results I am going to get because ENT doesn't charge any upfront fees for this placement, though they do have strict guidelines about the books they will accept. They charge me a percent of every book I sell during the twenty-four hours that it is featured.

I know that means I am going to get even less royalty per book, (down in the twenty cents a copy range) but the exposure should be huge. I've heard of books going viral because of ENT and selling thousands of copies.

I will report all my stats after the promotion is over.


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