Friday, July 26, 2013

Best book promotion ever!

If you follow my blog, you know that recently my book DROP OUT  was listed under bargain books on the website Ereader News Today. This was unlike any promotion I had done before. Instead of paying an upfront fee for the sponsorship, the website takes a small percentage of sales that come from clicking on the site’s buy link.

I know what all you authors are thinking, “more of my royalties down the drain”. Believe me, I hate more hands in my stash as much as anyone, but I somehow sensed this promotion was going to be different. The website must believe sales will come from this sponsorship or they would be wasting ad space, which does not make good business sense.

So a few weeks ago, I filled out their application and amazingly (I’ve heard they are nearly filled for the year) DROP OUT was listed just two weeks later. That was on Tuesday.

Well, the book posted on the site and I quickly promoted and marketed the sponsorship on all my websites and social media. I spent the remainder of the day writing my newest novel and occasionally checking my sales figures, which were about average except for a few extra copies of DROP OUT sold. I then received an email from Ereader News Today, informing me that the book was going to be introduced on their social media sites and for me to expect the majority of sales to occur then. I went to bed that night hopeful, but doubtful.

I woke up on Wednesday morning and headed into my office to check my email and such, as I always do. When I clicked on KDP and checked my sales, I almost had a heart attack. I had sold more books in those overnight hours than in the last three months combined. I was a bit in disbelief so I went on and checked the stats for DROP OUT. I was in awe.

For a brief couple of hours, DROP OUT was ranked below 1,000 in all the millions of books in the Kindle paid store. It ranked 45 in romantic suspense. I almost couldn’t believe it. For a time, I was ranked alongside many of the big-wig, high-selling, publisher-backed authors. Once again, I quickly announced this fact to all my social media.

Now, a few days later, the book is still selling and I’ve been asked to do interviews and guest blog posts. One of which was booked today. Though the rank is now going back up (I believe it’s about 5,500 as of this post) the exposure and sales resulting from this “free” sponsorship have been enormous. Sure, I had to hand over a bit of my royalties to make it happen but it was well worth it.

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