Monday, July 15, 2013


Well, I had my first sit down interview with a real magazine reporter the other day. I thought it went very well. Who knew I could talk about myself for an hour straight? haha

Rather than focus solely on my books, we talked about the indie publishing scene and how it is changing the traditional publishing game. I threw out a few good catch phrases like " is a book search engine and not a bookstore", and when asked which of my books is my favorite I responded "picking a favorite book is like picking a favorite child... it can't be done."

The magazine I'll be featured in is locally based but has an in-home reach of 104,000 households. If the average household is four people and at least one person will read about me, that's a pretty big audience. But as I said to my wife, this is not about selling books it is about exposure. I want a movie or television producer to notice me!

The article comes out in August, so I'll post what happens after.

In other news, I'm working on the final draft of THE END TIME, my latest dystopian sci-fi and just need to tweak the final scene. I've also briefly outlined my next book after that, tentatively titled, THE LAST MOMENT. I'm envisioning this book to have the same powerful, emotional impact of DROP OUT, which continues to be my bestseller. The basic premise is: a man being kept alive by artificial means learns the meaning of life as his soul teeters between reality and the afterlife at the last moment before death.

This genre-hopping that I do would have driven my former agent mad. I'm glad those days are over and I'm free to pursue any avenue I want. Judging by the unsolicited reviews I've read about on Goodreads, Amazon, Kobo, and Nook, readers do enjoy my books whatever genre I write in.

As long as ebooks are around I'll keep publishing my stories, and if and when the publishing game changes again, I'll adapt and continue doing what I do. I'm not designed to do anything else.