Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gambling and writing

I’m heading off to Atlantic City tomorrow to play blackjack and have some serious fun. Of course, I’m bringing my laptop so I can do a little writing while I’m not gambling. There’s nothing like looking at the ocean from twenty stories up for a little inspiration. My next novel, IMAGINATION is coming along nicely.
I’ve decided to release DEGENERATES in Kindle format. Right now, it’s the only noir thriller I have that’s not available. My other noir thrillers are through iuniverse and they charge a hefty fee for their ebooks. I’m actually considering taking all my books and publishing them under Kindle even though they are available through iuniverse. That way, they will still be available if people want the paperback version. I’m going to hire Judy Bullard to make me a new cover for DEGENERATES, one that is flashier than the one it has now. I don’t know what I was thinking when I designed that. Also, my Kindle Select free promotion for SILENT INVASION ends tonight. So far, 657 sold worldwide. I’m hoping for some reviews and residual sales. My online publicist, Hajni at Substance Books has contacted me and we are ready to begin some serious promotion. I’m “gambling” on her to get me some serious sales in the future. So, as I clock out of the marketing and clock in for some fun, I’ll be hoping to hit it big in all avenues. Here’s to hitting twenty-one at the tables.