Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sponsorship crazy!

I’ve been going sponsorship crazy and just booked three more sponsorships for KND and my newest discovery, Kindle Fire Department. Kindle Fire Department is a site for Kindle Fire owners, that is growing by leaps and bounds. Sponsorship is easy and relatively cheap (about $50). By getting in now, I locked in dates for sponsorship in May. I also booked sponsorship for SILENT INVASION on The frugal ereader.com ($50). I’m waiting to hear the date on that one. Some of the best sites like Pixels of Ink and ereader news today are booked out for the next year, so you can see how important it is to book these sponsorships now. I’m also surfing the web to find emerging ebook sites that give sponsorships for cheaper. I’ll post anything that I find that I think is worthwhile. As I’ve said over and over, it’s not just about the cost-to-profit ratio when it comes to sales in the long run, but exposure. I think once readers start seeing an author’s books on site after site, eventually they may get curious and buy it. It appears to be starting to work for me. Over the last months I’ve listed all the marketing and promotion schemes I could find with limited sales results but lots of exposure. Finally, I’m seeing daily sales on a regular basis. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to multiply those sales.
As far as my own books go. SILENT INVASION still appears to be the top seller with DROP OUT not far behind. AFTER is selling some, but DREAM TRAVELER and INSECTLAND are dribbling. The Kindle version of DEGENERATES is coming soon with my cover artist Judy Bullard working on a new, scintillating cover as I write this blog. Should be pretty cool and available in a few weeks.

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