Saturday, February 25, 2012

What are dreams?

Find out for FREE! That’s right! Right now until Sunday night DREAM TRAVELER is absolutely free on Kindle! Get you copy now! Okay, now that the promotion is done, I’m also happy to write that I just finished the first draft of my new book IMAGINATION, my noir thriller, DEGENERATES is coming out in ebook format next week, and this blog is nearing 100,000 hits. Whew! The Fugal ereader book of the day also contacted me and I have scheduled sponsorship of SILENT INVASION for March 20th.

Also, as I’ve noted before, I’m offering examples of my query letters that got serious agent and publisher attention. Feel free to use the format. I’m never going back to traditional publishing.


Believe that life is worth living and that belief will create the fact. Nathan Cruz is a 911 hero who escaped from the twin towers and saved the lives of dozens of strangers, yet lost his pregnant fiancé and entire extended family in the catastrophe. Grief-stricken and tormented by survivor’s guilt, he ‘drops out’ of society to live self-sufficiently on an isolated houseboat in Key West Florida. Spared the fate of his family only to be given a life without purpose, he believes his loss prevents him from finding true happiness.

DROP OUT is a work of fiction that combines three sub-stories into one interrelated novel. Think TOWERING INFERNO meets CAST AWAY meets TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE. It is complete at 57,000 words.

Fast-forward ten years, Nathan spends his days in limbo, existing without purpose. His bubble-of-a-world changes forever when a category three hurricane forces him from his boat and into the home of Miriam Kanter, a young, fiercely independent woman alone and on her final days battling pancreatic cancer. Miriam had spent the time since her diagnosis experiencing life to its absolute fullest. Now death is upon her. Cut off from medical assistance by the storm, Nathan faces the most important challenge he’d ever imagined when he’s dropped into the role of primary caretaker and must treat and comfort Miriam as the disease rapidly takes hold.

Her failing health expedites their relationship and it grows deep and intimate as they share the joys, lessons, and tragedies of each other’s lives. During her last hours, Miriam teaches Nathan the beauty of the world, the importance of happiness, and that it is possible to love again.

My publishing history spans twenty years with credits in numerous zines and magazines. The genres you represent matches nicely with what I write and I hope you might consider me for your list. I have enclosed a short sample. I look forward to hearing from you.