Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What will happen?

Tomorrow begins my much anticipated Kindle Nation Daily sponsorship for AFTER. I bought this sponsorship nearly three months ago before the whole KND frenzy began. Since then, they have incorporated a new sponsorship ad page that makes it much easier for authors to sponsor. The benefits of sponsorship are many, including the possibility of the book going viral and thousands of copies sold. When I first heard about KND, they were still small and getting sponsorship space was for the elite. But now, I wonder if the ad will have the same effect and influence. Supposedly, just a single KND sponsorship can raise your Amazon ranking by hundreds, if not thousands. I guess we’ll see. Also, as I’ve said before, don’t bother with the pay per click ads on Goodreads, they have done almost nothing for sales. Also, I’m having a little trouble trying to figure out if signing with Substance Books has had any effect on sales. I am selling way more copies of my other books than the book, AFTER, that I have Substance Books working on. I like Hajni, who runs Substance, and I believe she has writer’s interests at heart, but I still haven’t seen any results. I know she does things with search engine optimization that take time to work, but I don’t know if I can justify zero sales for the month for AFTER, but dozens of sales for my other books not represented. I’m not going to not recommend Substance, but I will post the true results when I see them.

Just for fun, I’ve posted a picture of my new tattoo. And yes… it hurt like hell.

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