Saturday, March 24, 2012

How’d this happen?

I woke up this morning and like every morning, the first thing I did after brushing my teeth and washing my face is go down to my office, wake my computer, and check my sales on KDP. Lo and behold, AFTER is moving copies. I also sold a few copies of INSECTLAND, DROP OUT, and SILENT INVASION, but AFTER is the winner today by far. So, I started thinking what I could have done differently the last few days that attracted the extra attention. I really haven’t been concentrating much on AFTER this week, spending a far more percentage of my time marketing my other books. Then I thought that perhaps the Substance Books online search engine generators were kicking in. But when I looked down at the heap of papers on the floor (I’m currently re-carpeting and painting my office) I got my definitive answer. Yesterday was my Kindle Nation ebook of the day sponsorship.  Obviously, the sponsorship created sales, but I’m more than a little bummed out in myself for not informing KND that I had raised my price of the book from $1.25 to $1.99. It all goes back to my “perceived value” post from a few weeks back. KND has the book advertised at the lesser rate which I’m sure disappointed a few readers when they went to the site. It was an expensive lesson to learn because this sponsorship was $150. I’ll know for next time to keep my sponsorship prices up to date.