Friday, March 16, 2012

KDP select blues

I just received a form email from KDP informing me that my titles on the select program were also discovered being sold by about a half a dozen different outlets, including Kobo and Nook. They gave me the sites to check out, which actually is pretty cool that my books are so readily available now, but also informed me that I was not following the policy. Now, I absolutely do not want to piss off Amazon and it’s too late to have Smashwords remove all my titles from all the sites, so I figured I would cancel my participation in the select program. Well, guess what? There is no way to cancel it. This has set me into a wee bit of a panic. Getting booted from KDP would be devastating, though I don’t think it would get to be that drastic, but still, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. I have contacted the KDP customer service and I am waiting for a reply. If you’re on the select program be careful because it seems that KDP now has search engines for books in the program. I know for a long time that most of the books on the program were available elsewhere so I guess KDP got smart. If I have to unpublish everything from Smashwords, I will. Amazon is far too important. I’m still getting residual sales from the free promotion for INSECTLAND, and I hadn’t any sales for the first week of this month. Love the select!