Friday, March 30, 2012

Millions upon millions

Just about everybody has lottery fever right now with Mega Millions jackpot over $500,000,000 dollars. And just like everybody else, I’ve been daydreaming all morning about what I’d do if I win. (I’ve got $20 in quick picks). I could fulfill every dream I ever had. Buy big houses, a yacht, a private jet. Eat the best food prepared by master chefs. Would that make me happy? Of course. But what if I had all that and stopped writing? What if having every desired fulfilled drained me of the passion to tell stories. Would I be happy? I can’t imagine ever not writing books. Even if I had that kind of wealth, I would still publish and promote my books. It’s an addiction that I can’t stop. So if I win tonight I may not blog for a few days but I’ll be back writing soon, sitting on the deck of my waterfront palace. But enough of fantasy, back to reality. I’ve got another free promotion for INSECTLAND tomorrow through Monday. The last one netted pretty good sales for a few days after the promotion ended and sales of my other books did go up for that period. I’ll post what happens this time. I’ve been reading on forums that the free promotion only attracts book hoarders who will download anything, but I don’t believe that to be wholeheartedly true. If it were than my sales wouldn’t be affected. I’ve also started a goal-setting spreadsheet for book sales-per-month. If I can keep my sales to the numbers I’ve come up with I should be able to equal my “real job” income in about a year. If that happens, I’ll have to make a decision about what is more important. Of course, after tonight and I win the half-billion, I won’t really need to worry about such trivial things as making a living.