Thursday, March 1, 2012

Degenerates live!

The ebook version of DEGENERATES is finally live!
Yeah! Now, comes the tedious part of releasing a new book. First, I have to place the cover, description, and link to purchase on all my author/writer sites of which I’m currently on thirty-two. (I will place a list of all the sites I belong to on a future post for reference.) Then, I’ve got to announce the book on all these sites plus another twelve social media sites that I belong to. If that’s not enough promo, I then will sign back onto all the threads that promote “liking” and tagging and start getting the numbers up. Then, I will do the same thing for the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy. Then, I’m going to set up sponsorship dates on KND and Kindle Fire Department. Whew! And that’s just what I’m doing on Friday. I’m very excited about the release of DEGENERATES. It sold well in paperback and I got a lot of great feedback from readers and fans. I’m hoping the sales soar in ebook form. The paperback version was priced way too expensive and I think that really hurt sales and reader’s discovery of me. I plan another two releases of my noir thrillers in the next two months. Then I’m going to do a reread of WASTED, the book I finished last summer and get that out there. All the while, I’ll keep plugging away at IMAGINATION. I am up to page 75 single-spaced. I anticipate a late summer finish for that one. Look for my promo blitz for DEGENERATES starting tomorrow.