Thursday, April 5, 2012

High praise… I think

“A sleeper hit”, that’s what the reviewer on Kindle Fire Department said about DROP OUT. Well, when is it going to wake up? Seriously, the Kindle Fire sponsorship has been the only sponsorship so far that has made back its cost. I’ve also achieved half of my sales goals for the month of April and it’s only the 5th. I’m not sure what made this sponsorship such a success but I think it has to do with my previous notion that not enough kids own Kindles, yet. DROP OUT is an adult book and all my other sponsorships so far have been for my sci-fi/fantasies aimed at a younger audience. I do believe as time goes on and ebooks become more the norm, than kids will discover my stuff. I’ve already gotten emails from people who downloaded the book yesterday and have read it, saying they were hooked from the start. As always, I appreciate the feedback and compliments, it makes me want to work harder at getting discovered. I have another sponsorship for DROP OUT on June 29th and one for DEGENERATES on May 27. Both are with Kindle Nation Daily. This will be a true test of my theory. If these two sponsorships yield good sales numbers than I believe I’ve discovered the secret to my future success -- published the rest of my adult novels in ebook form as fast as I can; which is exactly what I am going to do. First, with FROSTPROOF and then PULP. As I’ve posted before, I’ve been in contact with iuniverse to cancel my ebooks published through them. I’m also working furiously on IMAGINATION, another adult-themed book. I hope to have three new adult novels published before the end of the year. This will give me a base of eleven novels to market and promote which in turn will give me the peace of mind to relax for once and not be so feverish when it comes to writing yet another new novel. Here’s the link one final time to my Kindle Fire Dept. review and sponsorship before it disappears forever into cyberspace.

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