Monday, April 2, 2012

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Well, my second free promotion for INSECTLAND didn’t go hardly how I thought. I only sold a measly 75 copies for the giveaway, which leads me to wonder if the rumors are true about the KDP select free promotions; that mostly book hoarders download the books and not read them. And that the same few hundred book hoarders download whatever becomes available. It would explain the low numbers. The last free promotion for INSECTLAND yielded hundreds and hundreds of downloads. I’ll guess I’ll never know. Anyway, I exceeded my goals last month by nine books sales, which came on March 30th. I’ve set my goals even higher this month. With three really big sponsorships coming up soon, I’m hoping things will work out. I’ve started doing the interview thing again, trying to boost my exposure. I acquired a list (thanks to Dennis Rosen) of bloggers who are interested in interviewing authors and have them listed here. I’ve been interviewed by three of them and directly after I saw my sales increase. They are pretty backed up, but if you can get in I believe it’s worth the wait. In other news, I’ve nearly completed the first draft of IMAGINATION, and thanks to help from my hairdresser friend, I have the crucial scene I’d been missing that takes place in a salon. I’m still hoping to have IMAGINATION on Kindle by fall. I’ve also contacted iuniverse to remove my ebook versions of FROSTPROOF and PULP. I’m planning on contacting my cover designer soon and re-releasing the titles on my own. They both sold okay in paperback so I’m curious how the Kindle versions will go.

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