Monday, April 9, 2012

Promo machine!

My Kindle ebook of the week sponsorship for the kid’s corner has begun. Sales are slow however, I’m guessing because of the Easter holiday. Perhaps, they will pick up more when my author spotlight interview comes out. That’s right, I was chosen for author spotlight on Kindle Nation Daily. This is a great FREE promotion offered by Kindle for me. They will post an interview, a picture of my book SILENT INVASION, links to buy the book, and links to my blog, all for nothing. They claim the spotlight will reach more than 70,000 opt-in readers. As you can imagine, I’m very happy about that. The author spotlight will be on the site either tomorrow night or Wednesday. I’ll post it. Also, I continue to reap sales of DROP OUT from my Kindle Fire Department sponsorship and I’ve begun to show some numbers off of the select lending program for my other books. I’m almost halfway to my sales goals for the month. One other plus, most of my books on the ninety-day Kindle exclusiveness are nearly up. That means I can re-publish with Smashwords and sell to the Nook again, possibly doubling my audience. I’ll probably find a few sponsorships for the Nook and I’m dying to start getting involved in the Nook forums and discussion groups. On a slight downer-side, my sales in the U.K have dropped off significantly. By my own admission, I haven’t been paying much attention to the overseas market and it obviously shows. I’m off to the Florida Keys soon to do some serious marketing and writing. Hopefully, warm, salty breezes, the cries of wayward seagulls, and the gentle rustling of palm fronds will conjure weird tales from my IMAGINATION (first draft nearly complete).