Saturday, April 28, 2012

Creepiest ever!

I love the new cover for my Kindle version of FROSTPROOF. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m slowly taking back all my rights to my paperbacks and republishing only electronically. I believe the traditional book is going the way of CD’s and I’m excited to be at the threshold of this new medium. With my seventh novel soon to be published electronically, I’ve now got more than half of my books out there for the entire world to purchase. It’s a pretty cool feeling. Once I send the new FROSTPROOF off to my editor, I’ll start getting a marketing plan together. Of course, the usual routine of placing the book on the dozens of writer’s site to which I belong will take a few days, but after that, I’m thinking of placing a few sponsorships for summer readers. I’m also going to place a few more sponsorships for DROP OUT since the book is slowly gaining steam and an audience. This brings the point as to how much money I should spend and the estimated return in sales. As I’ve said many times, the exposure these sponsorships bring outweighs the cost, but I think it’s time I concentrate on making sales. I think this new cover is powerful enough to attract interest, I’ve just got to find the right format in which to promote. My previous sponsorships for my middle-grade sci-fi yielded marginal results but my sponsorships for my adult books went really well. I need to concentrate on the adult market for a while until Kindles and Nooks become like cell phones to kids. Everyone will have one. By the way, here’s a great new FREE ebook from Smashwords about how to market. It’s got some great tips. THE SECRETS TO EBOOK PUBLISHING SUCCESS.  The book identifies the best practices of the most commercially successful Smashwords authors. As always, I’m writing, writing, writing. IMAGINATION is coming along nicely and may be my best, if not most hallucinatory, novel I’ve ever written. Still anticipating a late summer completion. And look for the new Kindle edition of FROSTPROOF coming soon.


  1. That is definitely creepy. I love it.


  2. Dang, no kidding. Looks great to me! I'll go pick up your free book too. Never know what knowledge hides in free books about publishing success.:)