Friday, April 20, 2012

Vacation realization

Back from vacation and had a great time. Too bad taking a vacation from writing and marketing didn’t do for my sales what it did for my soul (raise it to a higher level). As I mentioned before, it’s amazing how quickly your literary presence drops off when you’re not posting and promoting your books every day. While in the Florida Keys, I watched my blog hits drop like lead balloons and my book sales drop to November levels. Especially, in the U.K. which for me, sales this month have been dismal. I think one solution for next time to maintaining a presence is to pre-write blog posts and marketing promotions for the length of time I’d be away. It’s not that I don’t write on vacation, it’s just that I don’t like to market when I’m on vacation. The scenery and location of south Florida inspire me to no end and I’ve written some of my best stuff propped on a wicker chair staring out across the emerald waters. But when it comes to the business side, it just doesn’t stir when I’m relaxed. As a result, I’ve fallen a little bit behind in my sales goals this month. I must get motivated! I’ve still got ten days until May and now that I’m back, it’s time to blitz again starting with getting FROSTPROOF on KDP and having control of the royalties. And then a full out marketing explosion for DROP OUT which continues as my top seller.