Monday, April 23, 2012

A sleeper hit

That’s what Kindle Daily Nation called DROP OUT. But then again, I’ve posted this many times and guess what… it’s still sleeping. Though the book is my best seller out of my six novels, it still hasn’t reached the great heights I had hoped. Right now I’m a few dozens copies behind my sales goals for this month, so for the next three days I’m going to hunker down and market like a crazy man. Now that half my paid sponsorships are over I can say with confidence that they did not boost sales the way I had hoped. I’ve tried many marketing schemes over the last year and documented them throughout this blog, and I’m sad to say that not one has lived up to the potential I had hoped. Perhaps, I have my goals set too high? After all, from what I’ve read on other blogs, the fact that I sell books at all is kinda a miracle considering the amount of self-published and traditionally published books that are out there. The fact that strangers have forked out $1.99 on an unknown author like me does inspire me to continue with my craft. And as I’ve posted before, many fans have emailed me telling me how much they love my books. Since I write in several genres, I am starting to build a widespread audience base. I’m hoping this audience will create pre-buzz as I continue to write and publish more books. Speaking of which, I’m about to get in contact with my cover artist to turn FROSTPROOF into a new Kindle version. I’m also going to convert PULP next month. My KDP Select 90-day exclusivity is beginning to expire on my books so I’m excited to start marketing to Nook and all the other ereading devices out there. My newest novel IMAGINATION is going well, however I didn’t get as much written as I had wanted to when I was on vacation. I find that as I’m getting older, the all-consuming obsession to write sometimes wanes in my quest to catch a lunker fish off the dock. I’m also attempting to do some internet radio spots. Here is a list of some if anyone is also interested.
Author Talk -

Bookmark -

Julia Widdop’s Blog TV -

Bookworm -

Author Spotlight -

Various Listings -

Launch Publicity -

The Authors Show –

Authors Radio -

Authors On Air -

Sound Authors -

I’m still not getting any new sales from the U.K. which is extremely strange because last month I had almost half of my sales from there. I’m hoping it’s a glitch in KDP’s system and not a reflection of times to come.