Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Change of mind

So after much thought and consideration of the current writer's market I've change my mind on what book to publish next. I was going to publish my middle grade sci/fi INSECTLAND but instead I've decided to publish my very literary novel, DROP OUT. I've come to this conclusion because I feel the vast majority of Kindle readers are adults right now, though I do believe that will change rather quickly in the future. That being said, most of the people on the forums are adults and most of the contacts I've made through various sites are adults, therefore it makes sense to publish an adult novel. DROP OUT needs just a few weeks work and then it should be ready for the world. It's a pretty heavy-duty emotional novel; a far cry from my other books but something I felt needed to be written after one of my friends died from cancer. Here is the summary and I'll keep everyone updating on the process of turning it into an ebook once again:

                                                                 DROP OUT

Believe that life is worth living and that belief will create the fact. Nathan Cruz is a 911 hero who escaped from the twin towers and saved the lives of dozens of strangers, yet lost his pregnant fiancĂ© and entire extended family in the catastrophe. Grief-stricken and tormented by survivor’s guilt, he ‘drops out’ of society to live self-sufficiently on an isolated houseboat in Key West, Florida. Spared the fate of his family only to be given a life without purpose, he believes his loss prevents him from finding true happiness. Fast-forward ten years, Nathan spends his days existing in limbo, existing with no purpose and no ambition. His bubble-of-a-world changes forever when a category three hurricane forces him from his boat and into the home of Miriam Kanter, a young, fiercely independent woman alone and on her final days battling pancreatic cancer. Miriam had spent the time since her diagnosis experiencing life to its absolute fullest, but now death is upon her. Cut off from medical assistance by the storm, Nathan faces the most important challenge he’d ever imagined when he’s forced into the role of primary caretaker and must treat and comfort Miriam as the disease rapidly takes hold.