Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A few things that took me months to learn... and I did it all wrong!

So those of you who have been following my blog know that I recently published my first ebook AFTER and I detailed the marketing and promotion strategy in this blog. Well, just as I'm about to begin the process of releasing my next ebook DROP OUT, I learn a very valuable lesson that probably put five months of promotion in the toilet. AFTER has sold copies, though not nearly as many as I'd hoped considering I'd spent months marketing and currently my combined websites get about 200-500 hits a day. I just couldn't figure out why I had so little sales from that much internet traffic? Then last week I began sending out a sample of the pitch for DROP OUT on, (A great site for free feedback) and got so many of the same response that I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Almost everyone said the same thing. I was summerizing the story instead of building anticipation. See, I used my query letter pitches. Query letters are a whole lot different then sales pitches to an audience. Therefore, my conclusion on AFTER was that my pitch sucked. Thus, I've written a new one and will be heavily marketing the new pitch while I wait for DROP OUT to finish being formatted. I just got the cover for DROP OUT, which I will post later. Anyway, here is the first draft of the new pitch for AFTER. Hope this entices you all to buy a copy. It's an adventure you won't soon forget.

From the moment we’re born we’re all destined to die. But what happens after? 


Neil D. Ostroff

Ordinary high school student, Nick Murray’s sudden death is no accident. What he thought was his life has been an illusion created by powerful celestial beings. But for what purpose?  

After a brief introduction into the afterlife, Nick learns the devil has caused global war in the mortal world. The devil intends turn the souls of the dead into a massive zombie army to take over creation. Inserted into the human body of a prominent, army commander, Nick is thrust into the center of a historic battle. But when he dies a second time, he comes face to face with the ultimate adversary only to learn a terrifying secret about his own origins. Is he something more then the soul of a mere mortal? Something much more? Can Nick save the Earth, the realms of the afterlife, and all that is human and spiritual, or will his own undiscovered powers destroy everything he’s fought to save?

AFTER available on Kindle for $1.79: