Monday, June 6, 2011

Promo and more promo

Spending three hours a day plugging away at Kindle sites and forums is finally starting to pay off. I've had sales. And not sales from family and friends. But actual sales from strangers. It's pretty amazing what the new technology is offering writers who don't like to travel and promote outside the house. I only dream of going viral and waking up one morning to a hundred thousand sales. I'd appreciate if my blog followers participated in this dream. LOL. I have AFTER priced on Kindle at $1.79. I think this is a good number. A lot of authors are advertising their books for 99 cents, but in my opinion, it seems to cheapen the value. I worked long and hard for years perfecting AFTER and I think it's worth more than the lowest price allowed by Kindle. Do you agree?

AFTER available on Kindle for $1.79: