Thursday, June 2, 2011

Man, does time travel fast

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote. Nicer weather means more work and less time to write, which I hate. So anyway, on to AFTER and what's been happening. I've been promoting pretty heavily on Kindle forums and the results have been pretty awesome. Not so much in sales, but exposure. My posts so far are averaging about 100 views per day, which is pretty awesome considering each post lists my sites. I've noticed an increase in hits as a result. I've also started commenting on other people's post which has also given me a lot of exposure. I'm getting about 30-50 emails a day directly related to my books, either people telling me they've seen them or friend requests for writing groups. Looks like things are steaming ahead.

I will admit, that I spend about 3 hours a day solely on marketing. It does take it's toll.