Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time to move on

Thanks to all who commented and followed me on the tour. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to comment on everyone but I did manage to leave a few and like and repost most of your blogs. But now it's time to move on. I've been marketing AFTER for several weeks now and it's exhausting work. I have managed several sales and have gottten a lot of exposure but it is taking away from my true love... creating my own worlds. I've decided to publish my next book by mid-July, now that I'm more experienced with this Kindle and epublishing world. My next book is something I've been working on for years. It is a middle grade sci/fi fantasy adventure called INSECTLAND. All it needs is a week or two of tweaking since it was considered "finished" by my then agent many years ago and then I'll start the process of getting cover art and formatting again. Here is the brief synopsis.


Robot insects called Defenders have recruited average fifteen-year-old Dan Larson for a mission. He is to rid Earth of a scouting group of Cyderion: tiny, intelligent, dragon-like creatures that exploit a planet’s ecosystem. They have taken residence in his backyard. The Cyderion discover Dan's assignment, abduct him on their spaceship, and take him to their planet. Having been shrunk to insect-size, Dan is forced into a slave camp with a multitude of strange, alien creatures. Starved and worked to exhaustion, Dan meets Emily, a human doctor who refuses to accept this fate. Racing against the possibility of lifetime imprisonment and being a miniature forever, Dan seizes an opportunity and escapes. Except, his escape wasn't luck. It was planned by the Defenders who are living covertly on the Cyderion planet. The revolution has begun.