Friday, April 22, 2011

Done and Done... Finally and forever.

That's it. AFTER is finished! I've contacted the formatter and I am waiting for his reply. I'm going to get the ISBN but not the bar code, since this will be an ebook and only available hard copy through Create Space. The ISBN will allow the book to be distributed worldwide. I've begun very simple marketing and promo by mentioning AFTER in two new blog interviews that I've done. Here's that info:

July 30th--Sylvia L. Ramsey: Thoughtful Reflections Blog-- Morrow; Book Promotion & Social Media Marketing for Authors

Date not yet scheduled: Teresa Morrow of Key Book Promotions

I've also begun mentioning the book on the Kindle forums, but just a little. I plane the release of After in about three weeks, just in time for the summer reading season. I'm going to set the price at $2.99. I'm also begining to think about getting stickers made and plastering them everywhere since I think the cover for AFTER is so bitching cool. You can check it out in my blog log. Now, on to my current novel while I await the formatter's response.