Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's hard to say goodbye to the book

Now that I've finished with AFTER except for final, tiny fixes in the first chapter, I begin the process of letting go. This feeling of euphoria and depression happens everytime I send a book off to a publisher knowing I will never be able to change the manuscript again. Even if I get an idea for a change, which happens rarely once I've let go, but it does happen, I can't do a damn thing about it. Sometimes I'll be leafing through one of my published books and I'll come across a scene that I feel I could have written better. But I have to tell myself that these characters and scenes are complete. On to the next imaginary world. Always forward never back.

But, I digress. Though it is hard to let go of a project I've spent eleven years of my life working off and on, I know that it is time. I've got too many other books that need attention, plus I'm nearly finished with my first serious YA novel about a gang of drug addicted teens called WASTED. So, as I do the absolute final read of the first chapter of AFTER bright and early tomorrow morning, I will also be saying goodbye to a piece of me and a world I'd spent a lot of time in.

On an up note, I can't wait!!!!! for the ebook to be complete and I can begin uploading the files to the various markets. Then promotion begins!!