Monday, April 18, 2011

Here's what I've found with e-book formatters

I've gottten responses from quite a few formatters. All seem nice. Basically, there's a few ways to go about this. Some formatters will literally create the book for you and upload it to all the major POD devices. Some will even run their business like a publisher and take royalties for each book sold. I'm not going that route. Some will do it for real cheap, basically running it through a program and sending you back the file. But this can have dire consequences if something screws up. I've even found a site that will convert your word file to Kindle specs for a mere $0.99. That's right $0.99! Here's the site if anyone is willing to trust their baby to that:

Right now I'm torn between two people. One charges $130 and guarantees the file will be downloadable to all devices. He seems a little pushy. The second offers the same thing plus a Bowker ISBN assignment for $175. I'm leaning toward the $175 just because of the old motto, you get what you pay for. I want to do this right.

The next two days will be spent reading AFTER one more time just so I can say it is truly done. Will make my final decision on formatting when I'm finished.