Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final read complete

I finished what I consider the absolute final read of AFTER before I send it to the formatter. This was no easy task. This book is eleven years in the making. It has been through many stages based on what editors and publishers have said and critiqued. AFTER did make the NY publishing rounds a few years ago when I had my agent. It got very close to being published as either a graphic novel, comic book or published work. There was interest in all three routes and the book was even read by Jim Thomas head of Random House YA division in 2008. To quote him exactly from the response to my agent's submission:

"Thanks for the look at AFTER. There's a lot I like about it. It's quite inventive, with ideas I haven't seen before. I was compelled to read through the entire manuscript. But I fear it may be too...gruesome? If not for the YA market, then for my own sensibilities. Still, I was glad to read it."

As you can imagine I took out most of the gruesomeness (if that's a word) and replaced it with more paranormal action. Now, all I have to do is make the first chapter as compelling and gripping as I can. That's tomorrows project. I'm making changes based on comments from readers and publishers; but mostly readers. I've been posting the chapter on many of my online groups and getting awesome responses. I highly recomment this for anyone who desires straightforward, honest feedback. It's like having your own private critique group. Awesome.

Back to writing.